Conversation Heart Measurement

Conversation hearts aren’t just a sweet Valentine’s Day treat – they are an irresistibly fun math manipulative too! One of our favorite activities is using conversation hearts to introduce measurement. They are the perfect size for little hands and are easy to manipulate. Plus, what kid wouldn’t love playing with candy during math time?!


Getting Started

To get started, we first gathered a few supplies:

  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • conversation candy hearts
  • Valentine measuring cards & recording sheet

We printed the Valentine measuring cards (below) on cardstock to make them sturdy enough to hold up to plenty of use. (If you plan on using these cards in a center, laminate them for even more durability.)

We cut along the dashed lines to separate each piece and placed them next to a container filled with conversation hearts.

Then we printed one record sheet for each student.


Ready to Measure!

This activity focuses on measuring objects using non-standard units so it was important to go over some rules of measurement before getting started.

Since the cards in the activity measured length, we first showed students how to trace the lines next to each picture as a guide.

Then we stressed how important it was not to leave gaps, overlap or stack the units as kids measured. We modeled how to measure an object from “tip to tip” – forming a line of conversation hearts that stretched from one end of the guide line to the other.


Once students were ready to measure on their own, they began grabbing one card at a time and lining the conversation hearts up next to each object.

They counted how many hearts (units) long each object was and recorded their answers on the “Candy Hearts Measurement” sheet.


Extension Activity

Once your students have measured with candy hearts, have them explore measuring these cards using other candy or small objects that are the same size: paper clips, counting cubes, and pom poms work great!

You can compare and discuss why the results were the same or different when using non-standard units of measurement.

Grab Your Set

Click on the blue button below to download your free Candy Hearts Measurement activity! Then hop over and snag our Conversation Heart Pattern Strips too!

Free Conversation Heart Pattern Strips! What a fun pattern activity for Valentine's Day. These would be perfect for a Valentine's party or math center.

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