Apple Life Cycle Hat

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These apple life cycle hats are a fun way to learn the stages of the fruit’s life – from seed to apple and everything in between. This crafty science project makes an adorable take home that kids will be proud to show off to their families!

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Getting Ready

Prepping the activity was quick and easy. First I printed one coloring sheet for each of my kids and used black construction paper to make each of them a hat band that was 4 inches tall and 24 inches long.

After grabbing our crayons, glue sticks and scissors and we were ready to start!

Apple Life Cycle Hat

Making the Hats

Time to color! My kids always love to color so they jumped right to work fancying up their sheets.

Apple Life Cycle Hat

As soon as they were finished, Big Brother (age 6.5) carefully cut along the outside border of the pictures and labels. I cut out Little Sister’s (age 3) because there were so many twists and turns and even Middle Brother (age 5) needed help on a few of the pictures.

We worked together to put the stages of the life cycle in order:

Seed – Seedling – Tree – Blossom – Green Apple – Red Apple

Each child carefully glued the picture near the top of their band and the corresponding label directly underneath it.

Apple Life Cycle Hat

I would then wrap the band around each child’s head and stapled it to fit snug.

Free apple life cycle hats for kids!

The kids were so excited with their crafty science creations and, best of all, could easily recite the apple life cycle stages by heart.

Grab Your Set

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