Apple Ten Frame Printables

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Adding in seasonal themes to everyday learning activities can be super motivating for kids. These apple ten frame printables are a great way to work on numbers and counting with preschoolers and kindergarteners this fall! 

They’re even great for a back to school activity!

Apple Ten Frame Printables

Getting Ready

These printable ten frame activities couldn’t be simpler to prepare. I printed them out and grabbed some crayons I had on hand. That’s it! I was ready for some serious ten frame fun!

Apple Ten Frames

I used the first printable in a math bin during math workshop because I knew it would take a little longer for kids to complete than the second activity.

My kindergarteners love anything that lets them color and use crayons, so they were very happy to fill in “apples” on each ten frame. They simply read the number and then used their crayons to color the ten frame to match.

apple ten frames 1

We used green, red, and yellow crayons to make it even more “apple-like.”

For the second printable, I used it as a morning work activity for my students so that they could have a quick review of counting and number writing.

We work hard on number recognition, especially in the fall as school starts, so counting the apples and writing the numbers was a great opportunity for us to practice number identification, counting, one-to-one correspondence and number writing, too!

apple ten frames 2

Grab Your Download

Ready to print the activity sheets for your own kids?! Grab your free copy of the apple ten frame printables by clicking the blue download button below and then hop over and snag our best -selling Number Formation Pack too!

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