Apple Math Dice Games

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Dice games are always a favorite in my classroom… as is anything that involves coloring. When I put the two together, it’s an instant hit!

These apple tree math dice games are sure to be a favorite for your learners this fall too as they roll and color their way to number sense and fact fluency. The games are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten, and even early 1st grade students.  They will build up their counting, addition, and subtraction skills!

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Apple Math Dice Games

Getting Ready

One of my favorite things about roll and color dice games is just how EASY they are to prep. You simply print, grab some dice and crayons (or any coloring tools).

And that’s it!  You are ready for a fun math center activity with your kids.

The best thing about these print-and-go games is that there are three levels of the game to play.  So, you can change it up depending on the needs of your kids.  Or rather, start off with one version and work toward the harder ones.

Apple Math Dice Games

Apple Tree Math Dice Games

I printed out all of the options for my kids since I would be playing with small groups.  However, a great morning work or more independent option for kindergarteners in the fall would be the “apple counting” version of the game.

With this version, all kids need to play is one die.

They simply roll the die, count the dots and color the numeral that shows the total.

It is great for beginning counters, and if you have students who need to work on number recognition, or for early Pre-K, grab some numbered dice like these ones and simply have them read and color the number that matches 1 to 6.

Apple Math Dice Games

In most of my small groups, we played the “Apple Addition” version, because we were ready to help each other work on the skills of adding and counting on.

Students rolled two dice, counted the total dots, and then found and colored the apple with the answer.

You can use dotted or numbered dice for this, but I find that regular, dotted dice work best for younger learners who still need the support of counting.

“Apple Subtraction” is a great challenge version of the game for those who are ready and for first graders who have built up their subtraction fluency and want a fall review.

It requires a few more steps because after the dice are rolled, you must decide which number is larger,  Then, set up the subtraction equation with the dice.

No matter which version you decide to play with your kids, they are sure to have a blast rolling and coloring their apple trees!

Apple Math Dice Games

Grab Your Download

Ready to roll, solve, and color some apples?! Grab your copy of the apple tree math dice games by clicking the button below and then hop over and snag our Editable Math Fact Games!


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