STEM learning for kindergarten

STEM learning for kindergarten

It can be challenging to find resources and activities that are geared to STEM learning for kindergarten and first grade. They need to be easily understood and completed, but convey the theories and ignite the passion for learning in subjects including science and math as well as concepts in engineering and technology.

Since STEM is not just teaching these subjects individually, but also combining philosophies found in all four, it can feel like even more of an obstacle when teaching kindergarten and first grade. But when done correctly, STEM activities really lend themselves to real world applications, not just academic learning. And we all strive for those light bulb moments with our students.

The good news is that children are naturally curious. And since we all learn better by doing, that’s why proven hands-on STEM activities work so well while making learning fun at this critical juncture with kindergarten and first grade students.

For example, The Stem Laboratory has a wonderful kit of 30 science experiments that could easily be incorporated into your kindergarten or first grade lesson plans throughout the year. Help students talk about and look forward to Science Fridays each week! Who wouldn’t be excited for easy and low prep STEM activities and projects that create magic rainbow milk, make Skittles disappear, produce fireworks in a jar and so many more? At a low cost of just $9.99, this collection of proven STEM activities for kindergarten and first grade students can relieve a whole lot of stress and provide a valuable amount of learning. 

AND, your new junior scientists will also get a no-prep science journal so they can easily keep track of their results!

As teacher Jennifer M. said,  “There were so many options in this bundle! I can easily do these either in distance learning or in person. I’m looking forward to spreading these out throughout the remainder of the year. The kids have enjoyed the ones we’ve done so far!” 

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