What are Some Great Middle School STEM Projects for Kids?

Middle school students can be tough. Kids may be starting to get a little more cynical about school and it can be harder to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. That’s where great STEM projects come into play. 

What student wouldn’t be interested in making a Tornado in a Jar or Disappearing Skittles? You’re already wondering about them just by hearing the title, so imagine how entertaining it would be to facilitate these activities in a classroom.

Other compelling middle school STEM projects include Candy Chromatography and making Water Walk. In fact, there are hundreds of possible projects and activities available through The STEM Laboratory, with easy-to-understand instructions and easy-to-source materials.

The activities and projects available through The STEM Laboratory can be adjusted for older students, and can work differently for those kids at different levels of learning.

Scientific journals can be used to record results and students can develop hypotheses and draw conclusions. 

STEM activities incorporate real world disciplines like architecture, construction, biology, math, chemistry, physics, technology, economics, geography and more. STEM activities seek to take the application off the page and into 3D with hands-on learning that introduces students to concepts and helps them understand the world around us. Students start to see the things around them in new and different ways.

For middle schoolers, it brings skills and lessons beyond simply the concepts being illustrated. It teaches students to be flexible, detect patterns, find connections, and evaluate information. What are some other benefits?

Many STEM careers need creativity as well as analytical skills we tend to associate with STEM subjects. In fact, many STEM jobs will include coming up with solutions to problems, and problem solving is often being creative and thinking about things in new ways. 

At the same time, STEM subjects require research, attention to detail and a critical approach. This is useful in any profession or subject. STEM is not just a way to explain teaching Math and Science, it’s preparing students for future success with hard and soft skills.

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