What Are Some Good STEM Projects for Kids/Students?

First of all, what is a STEM project? It’s a project that helps illustrate a real world problem in an engaging, hands-on way. A good STEM project should help a student or kid at home understand a concept and look at something in a new way. The best STEM projects combine two or more of the learning areas – science, technology, engineering or math.

Some examples of good STEM projects can be found at The Stem Laboratory – an online resource for teachers looking for proven, affordable STEM projects.

For example, you can order a kit with 30 different science projects for just $9.99. They all include easy-to-follow instructions using common household supplies. And these good STEM activities also include a no-prep science journal so kids can keep track of their results.

Here are just a few of the good STEM projects you’ll receive – activities that kids will love while they learn. Projects like The Disappearing Egg Shell, Walking Water, Tornado in a Jar, Disappearing Skittles, Dancing Raisins, Lava in a Cup and so much more.

As you can see, they even sound fun and engaging! And because they are teacher-tested and approved, they are guaranteed to blend seamlessly into your curriculum and have the kids wanting more. They won’t even know they’re learning.

It’s especially crucial tht STEM projects be introduced early in a kid’s education as their curiosity about the world around them peaks with constant “Why” questions. But that enthusiasm can fade without ongoing nourishment. And with so many STEM careers making up a huge part of the economy, the ability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and understand how and why things work is incredibly important. 

It can be hard to create STEM projects on your own, or make sure that the ones you’ve been using are still relevant in today’s world. Ordering and using STEM resources like this is a great way to keep your kids and yourself entertained and engaged in learning.

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