Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

Clip cards are such a fun way to learn and practice a variety of skills at the same time. These playful pot of gold count and clip cards work on counting, one to one correspondence, subitizing, ten frames and twenty frames, too!

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

Prepping these cards took hardly any time at all!

First, I printed out the cards and laminated them for extra durability.

After cutting them apart, I placed them in a basket with some clothespins for a fun, hands-on math center.

Since there are options for both ten frames and twenty frames, you can choose which cards you want to work on with your students based on their needs. Or rather, for an extra challenge, they can work on all numbers 1-20!

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

I worked with two different groups of students.

In the first group, we worked on subitizing sets in ten frames (recognizing quantities instantly without counting).

We practiced picking up a card and seeing if we knew how many pots of gold were there just by “seeing” the ten frame total instead of having to count by ones.

We checked our answers if needed for accuracy, and then clipped the total.

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

With another group, we were working on those “tricky teens.”  We focused on the fact that teen numbers are made up of “ten and some more.”

So, when we picked up a twenty frame card, rather than start counting from one, we worked on starting from 10 and counting on.

Then we identified the teen number, focusing on the place value and how teen numbers are written.  Then, we clipped it!

With both groups, we kept counting and clipping until each card had been solved.

If you wish to make the cards self-checking for kids to work independently and check their answers, you could print on cardstock so that the cards aren’t see through. Then, mark the answer with a dot or a small sticker on the back.

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

Grab Your Set

Ready to count up some gold? Grab some clothespins and then download these fun pot of gold count and clip cards by clicking the button below. You’ll love our St. Patrick’s Day number puzzles, too!

Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

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