Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers Cards

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There are so many things that can be learned with a hundreds chart! They are a fabulous tool for learning counting, skip counting, problem solving and more.

These hundreds chart missing numbers challenge cards are a fun addition to your math lesson or activity plans. They’re are sure to give young mathematicians a brain exercise!  For more brain exercise, check out our Place Value Cover Up in our shop!

Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers Cards

Getting Ready

To prepare the cards, I printed them out and laminated them. You may want to print on cardstock to keep them sturdy if you are using them in a classroom setting.

Then, I cut apart the cards on the solid black lines so that I had all 16 cards ready to go. After adding in some dry erase markers and kid socks for erasers (they work great and double as storage for the marker), these fun cards were ready to be added to our math center!

hundred chart missing numbers write and wipe 1

Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers Cards

Learning to visualize where numbers are on a hundreds chart is really helpful for kids. It can help them solve math problems and develop a strong understanding of how numbers relate to one another.

These missing numbers cards get kids thinking about patterns in numbers and provide the challenge of figuring out the puzzle when given only one number.

I played this game with a small group of kids who were ready. We kept a full hundreds chart next to us to check our work or for support if we needed it. (You can grab a free hundreds chart here.)

Our first card only had the number 5 on it. We knew the number below 5 would be 15, because we count by10’s when we go down the hundreds chart.

We then figured out that next to 15 would come 16 and 17.

Finally, the number above 17 would be 7, because we would go back 10. See how it gives us a great challenge for our brain?

hundred chart missing numbers write and wipe 2

We kept grabbing cards and thinking through the puzzles until they were complete.

Cleaning up was a cinch! We just wiped the cards clean and they were ready for another day!

Grab Your Download

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