Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges

These Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges are a must-try! Use a simple box of candy hearts to dive into weight, length AND science.

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Peek Inside

The math and science Valentine’s Day activities are perfect to use in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks.

Students will compare 16 different combinations of candy hearts and common class supplies to determine which one weighs more.

For instance, what weighs more: 10 hearts or 1 pencil?

They simply pick a card, place the objects on a balance and record the answer on their record sheets.

(I included an answer key too to make it easy for you to check their results.)

When they’re finished, students can stretch their learning one step further by comparing what’s more AND less.

There are 16 of those challenges too!

Next, they’ll dive into length by finding what is longer…

And then what is longer OR shorter (for a little stretch!)

And finally, children will work on making and testing scientific predictions by making candy hearts dance.

They’ll keep track of their findings on their kid-friendly record sheet.

Grab Your Pack

That’s five super sweet Valentine’s Day STEM challenges in all.

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