Monster Order the Numbers

Help kids practice ordering 2-digit numbers with a playful batch of monsters! 

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Getting Ready

To prep, I simply printed, laminated and then cut apart the cards.

We were all set to play!

Note: If your students are just learning their numbers, you can choose to use only a few monsters at a time.

The Activity

To start, I placed all of the cards in a basket and asked a volunteer to choose four of the same monsters.

The student chose 33, 87, 78 and 15 and worked to put them in the correct sequence.

After she had correctly ordered the first four numbers, another volunteer chose four more to arrange.

This activity was easy to differentiate for my highest students too!

I challenged them to order all of the sets from LARGEST to smallest.

Students LOVED this monster math center and have already asked to play it again!

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