Ice Cream Addition Match

Did somebody say ice cream?! This ice cream addition match is sure to be a hit with the mathematicians in your life.  It’s the perfect practice activity for kindergarteners and beginning first graders this summer.

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Getting Ready

Prep was easy, peasy.

I printed off the cones and ice cream scoops. I decided to laminate them to give them extra durability, as well as cut them out.

However, there are solid card lines around them as well, so you could keep them as a card match if you prefer to do less cutting.

Voila! We were ready to play.

Ice Cream Addition Match by The STEM Laboratory

Ice Cream Addition to 10

This matching game was a great way for my small group to work on reviewing addition facts to 10. We decided to play it as a cooperative game together, taking turns and helping each other with the equations.

We laid out the scoops face up so that we could see all the answers, and then we stacked the cones in the middle to take turns pulling an equation from the stack.

When someone pulled a scoop, they read their equation and we all tried to solve it together.

I kept a number line and counting bears on the table in case they needed support since we are still at early stages with addition, and students used them as needed to find the sum.

Once they figured out the sum, children hunted for the answer scoop. “3 plus 3 equals……6!”  

They placed the scoop on the cone, and it was the next person’s turn to solve.

We kept pulling cones, solving, and matching them with scoops until all of our ice cream cones had been paired up!

Ice Cream Addition Match by The STEM Laboratory

Grab Your Download

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