Number Bingo

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Number Bingo is an addictively fun way to work on number recognition, counting and subitizing (instantly recognizing the number of items in a set).

The playful number game is perfect to use as a math center, small group game, or homeschool activity with preschoolers and kindergarteners who are ready to tackle those tricky teens.

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Number BingoGetting Ready

To prep, I printed the Bingo boards and calling cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors really pop. Then, I cut along the dotted grey lines to separate the pieces.

Note: If you’ll be using the game in a classroom, you may also want to laminate the game so it holds up to repeated use.

Since we were going to play the game for Valentine’s Day, I placed 16 Hershey’s Kisses next to each board. Beans, coins, pasta, M&M’s and buttons are great to use as cover up tokens, too.

Awesome number BINGO for kids! I love that the free math game practices those tricky teen numbers too.

I shuffled the calling cards and placed them in a pile face down on the table.

Playing Number Bingo

With everything prepped and ready to go, I invited Big Brother (age 6) over to join me. Since Middle Brother (age 4), was going to be the caller, he flipped over the top card in the stack. He’s still learning numbers, so he counted all 8 dots and announced the total.

To help him take another step toward subitizing (instantly recognizing numbers in a set), I pointed out that there were 5 dots on top of the ten frame and 3 dots on the bottom. I tapped my head and said, “I’m putting the big number 5 in my head and now I’m going to count up 3 more. 6, 7, 8. There are 8 all together.”

Big Brother searched his board for the matching number and covered up the eight with a kiss.

The boys continued reading the calling card and covering up the number that matched.

Awesome Number BINGO for kids! I love that it practices those tricky teen numbers!!

I wanted the boys to have practice recognizing and reading those tricky teen numbers too so I included them in the game. Instead of ten frames, the calling cards show TEEN frames for the numbers eleven to twenty. The visual is a great way to help kids begin subitizing those bigger numbers, too.

Grab Your Download

Ready to play?! Click the button below to download your free game pack. Then, scroll down to check out 20 other Valentine’s Day activities kids will love!

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