Honey Science

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This sweet honey science freebie is the perfect way to teach kids about bees!

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Honey Science

Getting Ready

Prepping was easy!

I printed off the worksheets on some colorful yellow paper to give them a pop.

Then, I printed off the sequence cards on both yellow and white cardstock for durability and cut them out.

I’d picked up a few books on bees from the library, so I set those out along with some pencils and crayons.

I also snagged some honey and crackers for a quick worker bee treat afterward.

Honey Science

Honey Science Activity

To start the conversation about bees and their importance, I read a few bee books I’d picked up from the library.

The kids favorite (and mine!) was The Magic School Bus: Inside the Beehive. It did a fabulous job explaining the pollination process and helping kids visualize the inside of a beehive in an engaging way.

After I read the book, I pulled out the pollination worksheets I had printed off and we filled them out together.

They were great for checking comprehension.

Honey Science

Next, I pulled out the collecting honey worksheet and the sequencing cards so we could dig deeper into the honey making process.

I asked for volunteers to read one step in the process and then find the matching yellow sequence card.

Honey Science

After we went through the entire cycle, I handed out the white sequence cards and had students color each step before putting them in chronological order.

Honey Science

Then, we finished up the sweet science activity with a little snack of honey and crackers!

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