20 Science Fair Projects

Are you on the hunt for science fair projects kids will love?! We’ve got you covered! These 20 science experiments are motivating AND educational – our favorite combination.

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20 brilliant science fair projects for kids!

Teach kids about physics, chemistry, engineering and so much more. This roundup is packed with serious science fair inspiration!

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20 Fun Science Fair Projects for Kids!

Learn about density by pouring a rainbow in a jar. // Playdough to Plato

Turn an ordinary egg into a bouncy, glow in the dark egg that teaches kids about osmosis and egg anatomy.

Work on engineering and physics with a motivating egg drop challenge. // Buggy and Buddy

Build a homopolar motor that really moves a wire ballet dancer. // Babble Dabble Do

Discover how plants “drink” water by turning a flower not one but TWO colors! // Playdough to Plato

Make a rainbow as water magically walks.

Explore chemical reactions and engineering when you build a LEGO volcano that really erupts.

Test whether candies will melt in the sun. // Playdough to Plato

Awesome Science Fair Projects for Kids!

Find out how much sugar is really in soda, juice and more. // Ditch the Carbs

Inflate a balloon with a simple pouch of yeast. // Playdough to Plato

Experiment with different liquids to see what prevents an apple from turning brown. // Teach Beside Me

Get up close and personal with the water cycle using a simple Ziploc. // Playdough to Plato

Build lemon batteries. // Fantastic Fun and Learning

Learn about buoyancy by making one orange float and another orange sink. // Playdough to Plato

Find out how arctic animals stay warm in the winter. // I Can Teach My Child

Make gummy worms wiggle and dance with a simple chemistry experiment. // Playdough to Plato

Design a DIY thermometer that really works. // Lemon Lime Adventures

Cool science fair projects for kids!

See the plant cycle in action with an easy to make sprout house. // Playdough to Plato

Or grow a real, live “green house”. (Get it?!)

Discover how germs are spread from one person to the next. // I Can Teach My Child

And finally, learn about osmosis by making gummy bears grow! // Playdough to Plato

More Simple Science Kids Will Love

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