Watermelon Seed Count and Clip Cards

Counting is a skill that takes a lot of practice and repetition, especially when children are learning one to one correspondence and counting sets. These super fun watermelon seed count and clip cards add some much needed fun to all of that hard work.

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Getting Ready

To prepare the count and clip cards, I printed the download (below). Then, I laminated the pieces before cutting them out to make them sturdy so they could hold up against plenty of reuse.

I placed 12 clothespins in a basket – one clothespin for each card although you could reuse them if needed.  I placed the basket next to the cards so that we could grab, count and clip.

watermelon count and clip 1

Count and Clip Cards

My kids absolutely love clip cards, so they are very familiar with how we use them. However, I still like to work through a few cards with them to be sure we are on the right track before letting them loose on their own.

We took turns picking up a watermelon card and counting the number of seeds. Most of the seeds were in scatter formation (not in straight rows or lines) so it required careful concentration and counting.

After counting up the seeds in the watermelon, we clipped the correct number below. We kept playing until all of the seeds had been counted and each card had been clipped!

watermelon count and clip 2

Grab Your Set

Ready to count some watermelon seed sets to 12?! Click the blue download button below to grab your copy and then take our 5 day challenge to set up STEM centers your students will love!

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