Hot Dog Addition Cards

Hot-diggity dog! We have a yummy addition activity right off the grill for you!

Engage your learners’ mind (and belly) with this playful math activity.

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Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed the hot dogs, mustard holders, and recording puzzle on white cardstock and laminated them for extra durability.

I used my paper cutter to separate the cards and trimmed around the hot dog and mustard images as well.

For fun, I grabbed a basket from the kitchen to hold the counting cubes.

Hot Dog Sums Activity

To start, I wanted to review a few sums with students so I laid out only the hot dogs and the cubes.

The first student picked a hot dog card and read the number sentence aloud: 3+2.

She chose 3 yellow “mustard” cubes and 2 red “ketchup” cubes and laid them on the table.

Then she said the entire math problem out loud: “3 yellow + 2 red = 5 all together”.

Once all the sums had been reviewed, I pulled out the mustard cards and put them on the table next to the hot dogs.

I selected a hot dog sum and read it aloud: “5+2”.

All the students then modeled the problem by counting out cubes and finding the matching mustard sum.

Once all the sums had been found, I had students search for the number words that were hidden in the puzzle.

We went around in the circle until all the sums had been solved and all the vocabulary words found.

Grab Your Download

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