Christmas Magic

This simple 5-minute science activity is a must-try this holiday season! Young scientists will be in awe as they watch stripes of red and green magically stretch across their plate. It’s the perfect introduction to our States of Matter Activity Pack.


Getting Ready

The prep for this super cool science activity was as quick as it comes.

First, I grabbed my supplies:

  • a white plate
  • a bag of holiday M & Ms
  • a measuring cup filled with hot tap water

awesome-christmas-science-for-kidsThe kids helped me make a circle of red and green M & Ms around the rim of the plate. It was wonderful pattern practice – two reds, two greens, two reds, two greens…


Then we carefully poured enough hot tap water onto the plate so that the bottom of every M & M was covered. The magic began almost immediately.

The Science Behind It

Our simple, 5-minute science activity was a brilliant way to learn that sugar (like the color coating on M & Ms) dissolves in hot water, becoming a liquid that stretches across the plate.

Continue the Fun

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