Light, Sound and Heat!

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Bring light, sound and heat alive for kids with 10 hands-on and motivating science centers and activities. Study light, sound, heat, refraction, reflection, transparent, translucent, opaque, volume and pitch.

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Peek Inside

The engaging set includes 10 kid-friendly posters,

Light, Sound and Heat

an interactive flip book,

Light, Sound and Heat

dabbing sheets,

Light, Sound and Heat

and “Name that Energy” clip cards so kids can show what they’ve learned.

Light, Sound and Heat

With a solid foundation under their feet, scientists dive into hands-on experiments. They learn about pitch by turning ordinary straws into pan flutes.

Light, Sound and Heat

Then kids use paper cups and string to learn how sound waves travel.


Young scientists study the effects of heat with a surprisingly simple but powerful experiment.


They experiment with light and more.

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There’s so much included in the Light, Sound and Heat Pack. Grab the bundle in our shop!


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