More Skip Counting Posters

When I shared skip counting posters for the numbers 2 to 6 a little while back, many of you asked for the next four numbers in the series: 7 to 10. Wish granted!

Awesome skip counting posters! Perfect teaching tool for kindergarten or first grade.

The posters are great to use during whole class instruction or as a helpful reminder to display on the wall as kids build number sense, learn how to quickly count on from a given number (4 more than 16 is 20, for example) and begin developing the ability to multiply and divide.

Looking for inspiring (and fun!) ways to practice skip counting?! Try three of our favorite skip counting activities (and pick up the first five numbers in the series HERE.

Grab Your Download

Click the blue download button below to grab the numbers 7 to 10 and then hop over and grab 2 through 6 HERE.

Free Skip Counting Posters! These are perfect for a kindergarten or first grade classroom. Could even use them for teaching multiplication!

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