Cocoa Ten Frames

Ten frames are an amazing way to help kids work on subitizing – instantly recognizing how many objects are in a group. These playful cocoa ten frame sheets add a fun, winter-themed twist to boring old number practice. Grab your sets (below) and get ready for some hands-on fun.

Free Cocoa Ten Frames and Teen Frames. Perfect for a winter unit, a preschool math center or kindergarten math activity!

Ten Frames

With five spots on top and five spots on the bottom, ten frames help children quickly determine how many of those spots are filled.

Let’s take the number seven, for example, if all five spots on top are filled and two of the spots on bottom are filled, children can quickly put five in their head and count up two more to get seven. And with practice, they’ll soon memorize  5 + 2 = 7.

I love these free cocoa ten frames for preschool or kindergarten! Such a helpful math activity.

Ten frames are a simple way to work on number concept, part-part-whole and even beginning addition.

Teen Frames

Like their little cousin, teen frames help kiddos begin recognizing slightly larger numbers, including those tricky teens.

FREE teen frames for kindergarteners. Teen frames are a great way to help kids see how many are in each set

Teen frames have ten spots on top and ten on bottom so, if the top row is filled and there are four more spots colored down below, children can easily put ten in their head and count up four more to get 14.

Cocoa Ten Frames

There’s absolutely no prep involved in the fun cocoa ten frame sheets! Simply print one page for each child (below) and grab a crayon. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Have kids read the number written on each cocoa mug and then color the ten frame to match. For the number eight, they’ll color eight circles in the ten frame next to it. For the number two, they’ll color just two. Pretty straightforward, right?!

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Grab your set of cocoa ten frames by clicking the blue button below and then hop over and pick up the Winter Activity Pack filled with 16 ready-to-go, math and literacy activities for preschool and kindergarten.


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