Christmas STEM Challenges

Christmas is coming early this year! These five brand new Christmas STEM challenges are perfect to use with small groups or centers. From holiday geoboard designs to North Pole LEGO building challenges, these five STEM challenges are Saint Nick-approved!

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Use geoboards to make fun holiday shapes like reindeer, gifts, snowflakes, and mittens.

Then have kids record their holiday shapes on their geoboard record sheets.

It’s an awesome way to work on counting pegs and scaling images!

Next, challenge kids to help Santa and his elves with 15 North Pole themed LEGO Challenges!

Make Santa another mailbox. (His old one is full!)

Build Santa a new workshop. (He needs space to make new toys!)

Create a toy car that really moves. (The elves need help making gifts!)

Build Santa a new writing table. (So he can work on his naughty and nice lists!)

Make some sweet 2D shapes with toothpicks and gumdrops.

(The only way elves make them!)

Do a sweet candy cane experiment to learn about changing states of matter.

Elf scientists will love watching the solid candy canes dissolve into liquid.

Then add some holiday math to your centers by helping the elves add up their Christmas ornaments with a fun roll, add and color challenge sheet!

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