Fall Ten Frame Printables

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Ten frames are one of my favorite tools in the classroom for building number sense. Since my students loved our apple ten frame printables, I knew they would love to work with some fall ten frames as well!

These fun printables are great way to build number recognition and counting skills with preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Fall Ten Frame Printables

Getting Ready

These fall ten frames were a cinch to prep. I simply printed, grabbed crayons and that was it!

You will want to decide if you are using the sheets for morning work, small groups or math centers (or any other use that is helpful) so that you know how many copies you will need.

If I use them in math bins, I always run off extra since someone inevitably takes the last one, and I don’t want to be without supplies in the middle of math centers.

Fall Ten Frame Printables

Fall Ten Frame Printables

The first printable was great to use in a math bin because it got my kids working on number recognition.  It had them really focusing on one-to-one correspondence as they read the number then counted and drew “leaves” in the ten frames with their crayons.

It is challenging for many students to count and draw at the same time – so it was a great stretch exercise for them.

Plus, some of my kids enjoyed being creative with their leaves and how they designed them (blue, purple – they had fun with it!)

The second printable I found worked really well for morning work as students arrived because it gave them a quick review of counting skills and number writing.

Fall Ten Frame Printables

Students quickly counted up the leaves in the ten frames or subitized them (recognized the total without counting one by one). Then, they wrote the total on the leaf.

We work hard on developing our number sense skills like number recognition, counting, subitizing, and one-to-one correspondence, and these fun printables gave us some extra practice in a quick, easy-prep way!

Grab Your Download

Ready to build number sense with ten frames with your kids too? Grab your copy of these fun activity sheets by clicking the button below and then hop over to snag out Number Formation Pack!

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