Ice Cream Counting Puzzles

One of my favorite things to do on a hot summer day is to eat ICE CREAM! And since my students love sweet treats too, these ice cream counting puzzles are the perfect way to keep them engaged as we move into summer.

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 Ice Cream Count and Match by The STEM Laboratory

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed all of the pages on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

Then I cut the puzzles out on the bold lines and down the zig-zag line to separate the pieces.

Viola! We were all set.

 Ice Cream Count and Match by The STEM Laboratory

Ice Cream Counting Puzzles

To start, I decided to play the game with a small group of students.

I sorted all of the ice cream cards into one pile and all of the number cards in a different pile.

Then each child took a turn picking an ice cream card from the pile. And together we carefully counted the scoops of ice cream (not the cone) on their card.

After we finished counting the ice cream scoops, we searched together to find the correct number.

We played the game until all the matches had been found.

 Ice Cream Count and Match by The STEM Laboratory

Once we had finished matching all the pieces in our small group, I moved the game over to our independent math stations for future use.

It was a great way to review counting and number recognition and I loved that my students wanted to play it over and over again!

 Ice Cream Count and Match by The STEM Laboratory

Grab Your Download

Are you ready to try this sweet counting game with your students?

Scroll down and click the blue button to download your copy of the ice cream number match. Then make sure to hop over and scoop up our Number Formation Pack in our store or on Teachers Pay Teachers for more counting fun!

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