Teen Number Rainbow Match

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Tackle tricky teen numbers this spring with this colorful rainbow number match game!

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Getting Ready

Prep for this number match was super easy!

I printed off the matching pages and slipped them through the laminator. Then, I cut each puzzle in half to separate the pieces.

Optional Rainbow Rice

For added sensory fun, I popped the pieces into a tub of rainbow rice!

(There are so many fun things you can bury in the rainbow rice and it always makes any activity more inviting when you can add a splash of color.)

The rainbow rice was surprisingly easy to make. I just poured some rice in separate Ziploc bags, squirted in some paint, and squished it around until all the rice was covered.

Then, I laid it flat on a baking tray to dry and placed all the puzzle halves in the tub when it was finished.

We were all set!

Teen Number Rainbow Match

This activity was designed for children to match the ten frame pot of gold with the number name that’s written on the cloud.

The two digit teen numbers were purposefully written in the center so that the ten’s digit was on the left half and the one’s digit was on the right. Splitting each number this way helped new readers check their answers instead of having to rely solely on reading those tricky teen names.

To play the number match game, I had children take turns picking up one ten frame, counting the shamrocks and then looking through the rainbow rice for the match.

The first child grabbed the ten frame with 18 shamrocks, so she hunted until she found the matching “eighteen” cloud.

Then, it was on to the next treasure hunt! The kids had a blast with this colorful number match game!

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