Addition Flower Puzzles

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Every kid loves hands-on activities and these addition flower puzzles are a super fun way to practice addition this spring!  They are easy to prep and can be used as a classroom math center, homeschool activity, or even a family game!

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Addition Flower Puzzles

Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I simply printed the puzzles onto cardstock and cut all of the pieces apart.

If you are hoping to use these year after year or in a classroom, I would also recommend laminating them. It is one extra step, but it really is worth it!

Flower Puzzles 2

Addition Flower Puzzles

Using these puzzles in my first grade classroom was simple and easy!  My students were shown the various puzzle pieces:  the yellow centers (numbers 5-10) and the pink, orange and purple petals.

I explained that each flower had two petals of each color (a helpful hint for them to check their progress). I also explained that all they would need to do is spread the pieces out and start matching them.

Over the course of a few days, I had my students rotate through various math centers so that everyone would get a chance to try the new and exciting addition game.  The children worked with a partner to match the petals to the centers and, when they thought everything was matched correctly, I came over and quickly checked their work.

Flower Puzzles 3

I was able to sneak-in a quick addition review and my kids LOVED it!

Grab Your Copy

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