Seasons Flap Mat

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Teaching seasons in your classroom?  This hands-on season activity makes a great visual children can refer back to all year long.

Scroll below to grab your season freebie and then hop over and take our 5 Day Challenge that will help you get your classroom STEM ready!

Seasons Flap Mat

Getting Ready

Prep was super easy for this season activity!

I printed the seasons page on some brightly colored paper.

Then, I printed the illustrations out on white paper.

I gathered some scissors, glue, crayons and pencils for each child and we were all set!

Seasons Flap Mat

Seasons Flap Mat Activity

First, I handed out the illustration page and some crayons.

Together, we talked about what season each picture was representing and then decided on the colors that we might use to color in each picture so it looked like the right time of year.

The children colored their pictures and when they were complete, we cut out the four boxes and words, making sure that we only cut on the dotted lines.

Seasons Flap Mat

We glued the words onto the correct season picture and folded on the solid line to make a flap.

Seasons Flap Mat

Next, we glued the flaps onto our colored piece of paper.

Seasons Flap Mat

Finally, I asked the kids to help me name all the months in each season.

I wrote down each month under their season on the board, with the children helping me with spelling.

Then, they carefully copied the months under the correct flap on their mat too.

The seasons activity was a perfect way to review both the months of the year and the seasons!

Seasons Flap Mat

Grab Your Download

Scroll below and click the blue button to snag your freebie. Then, hop over and take our 5 Day Challenge to make your classroom STEM ready for the year!


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