Telling Time Activity – Tulip Time Match

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Telling time can be a tricky concept for little learners and tackling it often needs a lot of practice.  This telling time activity is here to help!

This super cute tulip matching game is a fun way to work on the hour and half hour marks on a clock in both digital and analog form. It’s the perfect activity to add to your spring centers!

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Telling Time Activity

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed off the matching game on cardstock and laminated the pieces for extra durability.

I wanted to make it easy to differentiate so the flowers are color-coded: purple flowers show time to the nearest hour and orange flowers work on time in thirty minute intervals.

Since my students have been practicing time for a little while now, I decided to use both the orange and purple flowers to stretch them a little bit.

Telling Time Activity

Telling Time Activity

To start, I placed a small number of tulips on the table and we worked together for the matching pieces.

It was a great opportunity to talk about how the hour hand says the number it’s pointing to while the minute hand says “zero” when it’s pointing at the twelve.

Carefully, we paired each flower with the correct pot.  This telling time activity was the perfect way to practice hour and half hour marks!

Telling Time Activity

Extension Telling Time Activities

Then, I played a quick game with the children!

I gave half the class the tulips and half the pots. Then, I had the children find their match and sit with their partner.

Students loved wandering around and checking their cards with friends to see if they were a pair.

Later in the week, we used the puzzles again in our math centers and I was happy to see that the children were more confident working independently. Score!

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