Frog Number Word Match Up

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My students love seasonal centers and since we were talking all about bugs and amphibians, I knew had to create something “hoppy.”  This number word activity featuring frogs was the perfect spring addition to our math centers.

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Frog Number Word Match Up

Getting Ready

To prep this number word activity, I printed the cards on cardstock and laminated them for durability to use year after year.

The cards will print two sets to a page to make nice, big pieces for little hands to hold.

Frog Number Word Match Up

I cut the pieces into squares to save time, but they would be super cute cut out along the black lines, too!

Frog Number Word Match Up

Number Word Match Up Activity

To start the activity, I had students line up the frogs in numerical order from 0-20.

Then, each child took a turn picking a lily pad word number and trying to find the frog number match.

Once each student had found the right match, we played until all the frogs had the right lily pad.

Frog Number Word Match Up

Number Word Activity Extension

When the students had gained some numerical and reading confidence, I shuffled all the cards and laid them face down.

Students then took turns picking up one card and trying to find the match. If they couldn’t remember where the other half of the match was, they had to place both cards back facedown on the table.

This classic matching game was a hit and the kids asked to play it again and again!

Frog Number Word Match Up

Grab Your Download

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