Outer Space Pattern Block Mats

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Kids of all ages love learning about outer space! Whether you’re looking for a fun math activity to add to your space unit or you want to entertain your future astronaut with a quick prep activity, these free outer space pattern block mats are a perfect fit.

Grab your copy below and then hop over and download our Outer Space Activity Pack, too!

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Outer Space Pattern Block Mats

Getting Ready

Prepping for these mats was as quick and simple as they come.

I printed the space pattern block mats (below) and then cut along the grey lines to separate the halves. (Included in this download is one color copy for preschoolers who are just beginning to recognize shapes, plus a black and white version for more advanced mathematicians.)

Awesome space pattern block mats for preschool and kindergarten. Fun for a space unit!

Then, I grabbed our set of pattern blocks and called Middle Brother (age 4.5) over to join me!

Outer Space Pattern Block Mats

Building with Pattern Blocks

Middle Brother has had plenty of practice building with pattern blocks. (They’re an incredibly entertaining quiet time activity!) He is still learning the names of each shape though, so we began by picking up one shape at a time. We talked about its unique characteristics (the number of sides, the number of corners, etc.) and then practiced saying its name.

After our quick review, I gave Middle Brother the colored rocket and invited him to cover it with pattern blocks.

Each time he picked up a new shape, I named it. For instance, when he grabbed the red trapezoid below, I said, “Now you’re sliding the red trapezoid into place.”

Free pattern block mats for preschool and kindergarten. So fun for a space unit!

Once he was finished building, I wanted to take the learning one step further so we worked together to count each of the shapes. There were no hexagons in the rocket, so we wrote a zero on that line.  But when we moved on to trapezoids, Middle Brother was excited to count four!

When our counting was finished, Middle Brother was eager to move on to the next challenge: a black and white pair of stars.

I love these free space pattern block mats! Such a fun math activity for preschool or kindergarten.

Although Middle Brother wasn’t quite ready to tackle it, his older brother (age 6) loved playing around with the pattern blocks to see how many different ways he could cover the star shape. These pattern block mats kept him focused and entertained for a LONG time.

Grab Your Copy

Ready to start building?! Click the blue button below to download your copy and then hop over and snag our Outer Space Activity Pack, too.

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