Spin and Subtract

We know that subtraction can often be a tricky skill to master but by turning this into an interactive activity, your little ones will be asking to practice more and more!

In this playful subtraction game, students will spin and “hop” along the number line to find the difference between two numbers. It’s a perfect way to introduce subtraction within 10.

Getting Started

To get started, we first gathered a few materials:

  • bunny spinner sheet
  • recording sheet
  • pencil
  • paper clips
  • laminator or sheet protector
  • dry erase markers
  • pom poms

We printed the bunny spinner “Spin & Subtract” sheet.

We laminated ours, but you can slide it into a sheet protector and that will work just fine.

We also printed and copied recording sheets to place at our math center. This way students could record their answers as they spun.

They make a wonderful tool to assess student understanding too!

We gathered pom poms students could use for counting out the problems, dry erase markers for writing on the laminated sheets, pencils and paper clips (to use as spinners).

Spin and Subtract!

We gave each student a pencil and two paper clips. They spun the paper clip around the tip of their pencil on the first spinner and then repeated the spin on the second circle.

They circled the numbers they landed on with a dry erase marker to help them keep track.

Then, we told our students to “bunny hop” backwards along the number line to find the answer.

For example, if they spun a “7” and then a “5”, they would start with 7 on the number line and “hop” back 5 spaces. Wherever they ended on the number line would be the answer they recorded on their sheets.

(If your students are struggling with this concept, we recommend having counters on hand as an additional visual tool.)

Let’s Keep Spinning!

We usually have our students practice by spinning enough times to complete six subtraction sentences. To add to the cute bunny theme, we found white and pink pom poms at our local dollar store.

The pom poms made the perfect “bunny tails” to easily erase the dry erase marker.

When we told them to use the bunny tails as erasers, they just couldn’t get enough of the center!

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Click on the blue button below to download your FREE spin and subtract activity and then hop over and snag our Subtraction Fact Fluency Pack too!

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