Ice Cream Roll and Scoop Addition and Subtraction

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Kids will love reviewing addition to 12 using this oh-so “cool” ice cream roll and scoop activity! Dice and colorful ice cream scoops are the perfect combination for a hands-on addition game students will love to play.

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Scoop Addition

Getting Started

To get started, I grabbed a few materials:

  • ice cream scoop and cone printables (below)
  • recording sheet (below)
  • scissors
  • pencils and/or markers
  • dice
  • laminator or sheet protectors (optional)

Then I printed the ice cream scoop and cone pages on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

Prepping for Ice Cream Roll and Scoop a free hands-on addition game by The STEM Laboratory

Next, I cut out 12 scoops and a cone for each math center.

Ice Cream Roll and Scoop a free hands-on addition game by The STEM Laboratory

I also printed one record sheet for each child plus a couple of extras in case students wanted to play again.

Note: To make the activity completely reusable, you can place the recording pages in sheet protectors and have students write their answers with a dry erase marker.

Ice Cream Roll and Scoop

Students began by rolling their die, adding that many scoops to their cone, and writing the number on their record sheet.

When they rolled a three, for example, they placed three ice cream scoops on top of the cone and wrote “3” in the first column.

Scoop Addition

Then they rolled a second time and added that number of scoops onto the cone and record sheet too.

Scoop Addition

They used the scoops as counters and added up both numbers before recording their answers.

3 + 2 = 5

Students repeated the steps six times until their recording sheet was complete.


If your students need some additional subtraction practice, you can easily modify this activity!

Give the students two dice, and have them subtract the larger number from the smaller one. For example, if they roll a “2” and a “6”, they would place 6 scoops on the cone, and take 2 of those scoops away, leaving only “4” scoops.

Ice Cream Roll and Scoop a free hands-on addition game by The STEM Laboratory

There is also a bonus subtraction recording sheet to use if desired!

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Click on the blue button below to download your free hands-on addition game. Then make sure to hop over and scoop up our Editable Math Fact Games in our store!

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