Odd Todd and Even Steven Posters

Odd Todd and Even Steven are two memorable characters who help kids remember the numbers that are even and the ones that are odd. Use these handy odd and even posters for a whole group math lesson or as a helpful reminder in a math center.

Odd Todd and Even Steven

All numbers fit into one of two categories: odd or even.

If a number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8, it is even. That means that when you divide the number into two groups, both people will get the same amount.

To help kids understand even numbers, I took a pile of 8 coins and divided them into two piles. One coin in the first pile, one in the second pile. A second coin in the first pile, another in the second pile…

When all eight coins had been passed out, each group had the same amount: four coins.

I held up the Even Steven poster and explained that he always likes to share fair. When a number ends with 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8, it divides into two equal groups.
Super helpful Even Steven posters.

Odd Todd, on the other hand, does not share fair. I grabbed the pennies again and took one away so that there were 7 coins left. I began dividing them into two piles just like before.

But this time, instead of both groups having the same amount, the first set had 4 coins and the second set only had 3. Greedy Odd Todd grabbed the first pile since it had more. No fair!

I held up the Odd Todd poster and told the kids that he does not share fair. When a number ends with 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9, it does not divide equally, so it’s odd.

Free Odd Todd Posters!

Odd and Even Challenge

When kids were ready, I challenged them to try their new trick with bigger numbers.

819? It was odd because there was a 9 in the ones place.

7,874? That was even because it ended in 4.

67,349,058? It was even too because 8 is even.

Grab Your Posters

Students were excited to practice their new math trick over and over again. And to help them keep the skill fresh in their memories, we hung up our Even Steven and Odd Todd posters so it was easy to spot.

Grab your game pack and then hop over and download our free odd and even activity sheets, too!

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