Outer Space Clip Cards

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Kids love learning about outer space! That’s why we pulled together a batch of counting clip cards that combine science and math into one motivating activity.

Grab your copy below and get ready for some out of this world fun! (Pun intended.)

Outer Space Clip Cards

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the clip cards (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors really pop. Then, I cut along the bold black lines to separate the pieces and grabbed a handful of medium-sized clothespins.

I clipped the correct number on each card and flipped it over to mark the spot with a small crayon dot so the boys could easily self-check their answers later.

Note: If you’ll be using the cards in a classroom, you may also want to laminate for extra durability.

Counting Clip Cards

My boys and I have been talking a lot about the planets and sun, but they’re less accustomed to seeing pictures of each of them.

We started the activity by studying every picture and talking about what we noticed. For instance, Uranus’ rings spin on their side so it rolls like a barrel instead of a top and the dirt on Mars makes it a brilliant red color.

Next, I challenged Middle Brother (age 4.5) to grab the card showing the fewest number of objects. He quickly reached for Uranus and clipped the one to show it was just a single planet.

Awesome outer space clip cards! I love that it's a science and math activity in one. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten.

One card after another, he and Big Brother (age 6) counted and clipped the right spots.

I love these free counting clip cards! Such a fun science and math activity in one for preschool or kindergarten.

And when they were through, they flipped over the cards to check their answers.

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Click the blue button below to grab your outer space counting clip cards and then hop over and pick up our Outer Space Activity Pack!

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