Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards

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I’ve been teaching addition and subtraction strategies to my first graders since day one, but this week we “bumped it up a notch” and reviewed their facts with these addition and subtraction clip cards!  I knew my kiddos would thrive with a fun frozen-themed math center!

This activity is also a great rotation to add into math centers.  And speaking of math centers, check out our awesome Editable Math Fact Games in our shop!

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Getting Started

To prep this activity, I simply printed the clip cards onto card stock, laminated each page, and cut the cards apart.

(I always laminate my centers so they will withstand a room full of 6 and 7 year-olds. But I admit, I also just love laminating things now that I have my own personal laminator.  It’s equal parts amazing and convenient!)

I grabbed some fun blue and clear mini-clips that I found in my teacher drawer and VIOLA – the center was ready!

I added little blue dots onto the back of each card with a Sharpie so the cards would be self-checking.  My students love clip cards like these because they can always check their own work without having to ask a friend or me!


Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards

I gathered my students on the carpet and showed them the new and exciting activity.

When everyone was gathered, I quickly explained that these clip cards included both addition and subtraction problem.  We practiced making the plus sign and minus sign with our arms in the air.

I popped the set of clip cards underneath my document camera and had a few volunteers show us how it was done.


These addition and subtraction clip cards will be a major hit in your classroom!

Grab Your Set

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