Ten Frame Mitten Match

Winter is coming, and for a lot of places that means cold weather, and maybe even snow.

Even if you don’t live where it gets cold in the winter, you can add some fun winter-themed activities to your learning centers like this playful mitten number match. It’s a great way to work on ten frames, twenty frames, and number recognition with Pre-K and Kindergarten students!

Getting Ready

These puzzles are a cinch to prep! Just print on cardstock (optional, but it does keep them sturdier) and laminate so that you can use them from year to year.

Once they are laminated, cut along the solid lines so that you have 21 ten and twenty frame mittens (zero is included as well) and a batch of number 0-20 mittens.

Place them in a small basket or on a tray for a math center and you are ready to play!

Ten Frame Mitten Match

This set is really like two games in one. You can decide if you want to play with ten frames, twenty frames, or both!

My kids are ready to work on those tricky teen numbers, but they can always use a review of ten frames, so we opted to play with the full set.

First, we lined up the right-hand mittens from 0-20 all in a long line. This was great for number order practice!

Then, we took turns pulling a ten or twenty frame out of the basket and counting its total.

It was excellent practice for subitizing ten frames – knowing the total number of dots without counting one by one. And it was a great way to stretch kids who were ready to learn how to count on from ten to work on twenty frames as they saw “ten and some more”.

We kept pulling mittens and finding their match until all of the puzzles were complete! Then, we mixed them up for the next group to play.

Grab Your Download

Ready to work on ten and twenty frames with your kids, too? Grab your copy of this mitten match number activity by clicking the button below and then hop over to make a batch of our snowball shooters too!

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