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  • Graph of the Week Bundle

    Graph of the Week


    Graphs of the week are a valuable way to teach students how to create, read and analyze graphs.

    This mega bundle provides 5 pocket chart graphs for each month so kids can practice data analysis all year long.

    They’re great to use as morning work or quick whole group lessons!



    –> EDITABLE student cards that make it easy to print personalized pocket chart cards for every child in class.

    –> 5 pocket chart graphs for each month.

    –> 5 follow up record sheets for each month.

  • Pattern Centers


    Teach patterns with this motivating batch of hands-on centers!

    Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a basket of the matching math manipulatives: rainbow bears, unifix cubes, craft sticks or pattern blocks.

    You can even print off the record sheet to keep track of students’ learning!

    Kids will love building the patterns and then adding on to stretch them further.

    As a bonus, the set also includes a create your own pattern challenge for kids who are ready for a next step.



    –> 10 Rainbow Bear Pattern Cards
    –> 10 Unifix Cube Pattern Cards
    –> 10 Craft Stick Pattern Cards
    –> 10 Pattern Block Pattern Cards (Hard)

    –> Record sheets

    –> A bonus challenge asking kids to build a pattern of their own

  • Fall Activities


    Looking for fall activities your students will beg to play over and over again?!

    This print and play pack includes 14 math and literacy centers practicing letter sounds, word families, sight words, number concept, 2D shapes and so much more.

    The fall activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    The mega pack also includes literacy centers that make it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

    –> Alphabet Acorns. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Letter Sound Puzzles. Find the letter that starts each word. The set even includes digraphs!

    –> Rhyming Sort. Find the words that sound the same.

    –> Word Family Sort. Sound out 24 CVC words.

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the tree as you read and write sight words along the way.

    –> EDITABLE I Spy. Find the sight words hidden around the room. Then write the words in the right spot on your sheet!

    –> EDITABLE Color by Sight Word. A fun literacy craftivity!

    –> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.\


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including counting, number writing, patterns and 2D shapes.

    –> 1-12 Number Sort. Build number sense as you sort four different ways to write the numbers 1 to 12.

    –> Base Ten Puzzles. Count the base ten blocks and find the matching number. It’s a fun way to work on 1 to 120!

    –> Roll and Cover. Practice quickly recognizing 1 to 6 OR, for kids who are ready for a stretch, work on adding up to 12.

    –> Leaf Patterns. Create AB, ABB, ABCD, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns. Then invite students who are ready for a challenge to create patterns of their own.

    –> Write and Wipe Making 10 Cards. Write and solve fall-themed making ten addition problems.

    –> Write and Wipe Subtraction Cards. Then invite students to write and solve subtraction within 10!



  • End of Year Centers


    End of year centers your students will LOVE! Finish the year stronger than ever with 21 math and literacy centers practicing word families, sight words, telling time, skip counting, number bonds and so much more.

    The end of year centers are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    The mega pack makes it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

    –> Color Up. Work on letter sounds, digraphs or blends! Simply grab a card, say the word out loud and color the beginning sound.

    –> Spin a Word Family. Spin a word, read it and color it on your sheet. There are 5 versions so you can practice every vowel.

    –> Word Clip Cards. Have students read and clip CVC words or, if they’re ready for a challenge, give them the Magic E version instead.

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the finish line as you read and write sight words along the way!

    –> EDITABLE Roll and Write. Roll a die and write the matching word. Because the game is editable, you can practice any words under the sun!

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Puzzles. Match each sight word with its twin! When you’ve finished, write your pairs on your record sheet to practice spelling.

    –> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Play a pocket chart sight word game with the class!

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Card Game. Have students practice their sight words with a friend!

    –> 4 Story Starters. Get kids writing with creative story prompts and end of year word cards.


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, telling time, addition and subtraction.

    –> Mystery Numbers. Practice counting in numerical order from 1-120.

    –> Skip Counting. For students who are ready to be stretched, practice skip counting by 2, 5 or 10 instead.

    –> Shape Graph. Work on 2D or 3D shapes AND build graphing skills at the same time. Just spin a shape and add it to the graph!

    –> Number Bonds. Figure out the missing number and write it on your number bond!

    –> Telling Time 4 in a Row. Read the analog clock and then find the digital time that matches! There are two versions included so that you can easily differentiate for a variety of learners: telling time to the nearest hour and quarter hour.



  • Sale!

    Holidays Around the World Bundle


    Dive into holidays around the world this winter with a mega pack of math, literacy and STEM activities students will love!

    Use the fact sheets to teach important details about each holiday and then work on sight words, phonics, CVC word families, 2D shapes, number sequencing, addition, story writing, STEM skills and more.

    The 70+ activities are easy to differentiate for a variety of levels making the set perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

    Plus, as an exclusive bundle bonus, you’ll receive passports and stamps to keep track of your around the world adventure!!



    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world passport

    –> BONUS: Passport stamps

    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world journal covers

    –> 8 Holidays around the world STEM challenges

    –> 13 Hanukkah centers

    –> 14 Diwali centers

    –> 15 Chinese New Year centers

    –> 11 Kwanzaa centers

    –> 11 Las Posadas centers

    –> 9 St. Lucia’s Day centers