Fall Activities


Looking for fall activities your students will beg to play over and over again?!

This print and play pack includes 14 math and literacy centers practicing letter sounds, word families, sight words, number concept, 2D shapes and so much more.

The fall activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




The mega pack also includes literacy centers that make it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

–> Alphabet Acorns. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

–> Letter Sound Puzzles. Find the letter that starts each word. The set even includes digraphs!

–> Rhyming Sort. Find the words that sound the same.

–> Word Family Sort. Sound out 24 CVC words.

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the tree as you read and write sight words along the way.

–> EDITABLE I Spy. Find the sight words hidden around the room. Then write the words in the right spot on your sheet!

–> EDITABLE Color by Sight Word. A fun literacy craftivity!

–> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.\


The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including counting, number writing, patterns and 2D shapes.

–> 1-12 Number Sort. Build number sense as you sort four different ways to write the numbers 1 to 12.

–> Base Ten Puzzles. Count the base ten blocks and find the matching number. It’s a fun way to work on 1 to 120!

–> Roll and Cover. Practice quickly recognizing 1 to 6 OR, for kids who are ready for a stretch, work on adding up to 12.

–> Leaf Patterns. Create AB, ABB, ABCD, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns. Then invite students who are ready for a challenge to create patterns of their own.

–> Write and Wipe Making 10 Cards. Write and solve fall-themed making ten addition problems.

–> Write and Wipe Subtraction Cards. Then invite students to write and solve subtraction within 10!




“I used this fall unit last October and my students enjoyed the activities. Thank you for sharing your ideas on TPT!!!” – Gayle C.