STEM Challenge: Craft Stick Puzzles


Build problem solving, logic, reasoning and STEM skills with this set of 15 craft stick puzzles!

The challenge cards and easy to follow directions are great to use as STEM centers, brain breaks, makerspaces or science centers.

Grab ALL of our STEM challenges (including this one!) HERE.


“I’ve used this activity multiple times on casual / relief days and it keeps the students really engaged. It’s great for encouraging thinking and problem-solving skills.” – Bronwyn G.

“These challenges are great for my elementary art students who finish their projects early. It gives them something constructive to do with their extra time.” – Sandra B.

“These challenges are a great way to get kids thinking outside the box. I used these as a fast finisher and they were great.” – Victoria C.

“Co-teachers thought this would be too challenging for Pre-K students, but never underestimate a child’s abilities. They loved completing these puzzles. It was a pleasure as a teacher to watch “the lightbulb” come on.” – Joy R.

“There was a nice variety of puzzles to complete and I like that things like this help kids think creatively. I needed to add that students could use things like toothpicks, similar sized crayons, etc. to complete them if they didn’t have craft sticks at home. I’m pleased with the product.” – Defawyna M.

“Loved that I could and will challenge my students. Puzzles are such a helpful resource/tool for teachers. These puzzles are great. My students can challenge their families too!” – Anna P.