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Pumpkin STEM Structures

Pumpkin STEM Structures

The kids LOVED using our STEM challenge cards to build toothpick and playdough structures a couple months ago so I was eager to pull out the activity again to make PUMPKIN STEM structures! Grab your batch of toothpick STEM structure cards in our shop! Getting Ready To prep, I printed the STEM challenge cards (available here) on…

Ten Frame Mitten Match

Ten Frame Mitten Match

This playful mitten ten frame activity should be at the top of your winter activity list! It’s a great way to work on ten frames, twenty frames and number recognition with Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Snag your set below and then hop over and grab the jam-packed Winter Activity Pack in our shop or on…

Graph of the Week

Graph of the Week

Graphs of the week are a valuable way to teach students how to create, read and analyze graphs.

This mega bundle provides 5 pocket chart graphs for each month so kids can practice data analysis all year long.

They’re great to use as morning work or quick whole group lessons!



–> EDITABLE student cards that make it easy to print personalized pocket chart cards for every child in class.

–> 5 pocket chart graphs for each month.

–> 5 follow up record sheets for each month.

Snow STEM Challenges

Snow STEM Challenges

Add a major dose of magic to your lesson plans this winter with a batch of engaging snow STEM challenges! Students will love learning how snowflakes are made and then diving into engineering, problem solving and (of course!) STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The STEM challenges are perfect for winter parties, snow units, early finisher activities, STEM boxes or just because.



–> Snow fact sheet

–> “All About Snow” record sheet

–> 10 toothpick and marshmallow task cards + record sheet

–> Build your own toothpick and marshmallow snowflake + record sheet

–> 10 EASY geoboard task cards + record sheet

–> 10 HARD geoboard task cards + record sheet

–> 12 task cards comparing the weight of marshmallow “snowballs” to common class supplies like paperclips

–> 2 EASY roll and cover pattern block mats

–> 2 HARD roll, add and cover pattern block mats

–> I Have, Who Has 2D Shape Game

Holidays Around the World STEM

Holidays Around the World STEM

These Holidays Around the World STEM challenges are a must-try! Students will love diving into engineering, problem solving and (of course) STEM!!

All eight STEM challenges include record sheets to help kids keep track of their answers AND easy to follow instructions making it easy for you to lead the activity.

They’re perfect for winter parties, festivals of light units, early finisher activities, STEM boxes or just because.

—-> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE! 



–> 15 LEGO building task cards + record sheets

–> 15 pattern block task cards + record sheets

–> Pattern block design challenge

–> Pipe cleaner yule goat challenge

–> Design your own pipe cleaner holiday creations

–> Build a dreidel

–> Play dreidel

–> Tally dreidel spins

Holidays Around the World Bundle

Holidays Around the World Bundle

Dive into holidays around the world this winter with a mega pack of math, literacy and STEM activities students will love!

Use the fact sheets to teach important details about each holiday and then work on sight words, phonics, CVC word families, 2D shapes, number sequencing, addition, story writing, STEM skills and more.

The 70+ activities are easy to differentiate for a variety of levels making the set perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

Plus, as an exclusive bundle bonus, you’ll receive passports and stamps to keep track of your around the world adventure!!



–> BONUS: Holidays around the world passport

–> BONUS: Passport stamps

–> BONUS: Holidays around the world journal covers

–> 8 Holidays around the world STEM challenges

–> 13 Hanukkah centers

–> 14 Diwali centers

–> 15 Chinese New Year centers

–> 11 Kwanzaa centers

–> 11 Las Posadas centers

–> 9 St. Lucia’s Day centers

STEM Challenge: 4 Seasons of Building Cards

STEM Challenge: 4 Seasons of Building Cards

These STEM challenge cards are the perfect addition to your favorite building block center (LEGOS, wooden blocks, DUPLOS… you name it!)

Kids will love using real world pictures as inspiration to build 11 common objects each season!



SPRING-> kite, tree, butterfly, flower, rain boots, watering can, umbrella, bunny, garden trowel, bird, duckling

SUMMER-> popsicle, beach ball, sea star, crab, sailboat, sunglasses, strawberry, shell, soccer ball, fish, sand castle

FALL-> maple leaf, scarecrow, spider, bat, apple pie, candy corn, pumpkin, apple, squirrel, black cat, tractor

WINTER-> mittens, snowflake, pine cone, sled, evergreen tree, gift box, cocoa mug, rose, gingerbread man, penguin, polar bear


The STEM challenge cards are a great way to help kids develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills!

Grab your set (below) and then hop over and snag our Famous Landmark Cards too!

STEM Challenge: Pattern Blocks

STEM Challenge: Pattern Blocks

Looking for an engaging batch of STEM challenges to add to your centers or STEM boxes?! These pattern block STEM challenges are an easy way to work on problem solving, geometry, math vocabulary… even beginning fractions!

Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a batch of pattern blocks. Kids will love building all 55 designs!

Plus, as a bonus, the set also includes record sheets and challenge worksheets for kids who are ready for a next step.



–> 15 any time design task cards

–> 10 fall task cards

–> 10 winter task cards

–> 10 spring task cards

–> 10 summer task cards

–> 3 bonus challenges

150+ STEM Challenges

150+ STEM Challenges

Looking for easy prep, fun to solve STEM challenges for kids?! This epic bundle combines ALL of my STEM challenges into one easy purchase – my best-selling landmark cards, toothpick and playdough STEM structures, weight and length challenges… they’re all here! And that means you’ll get an entire year of STEM challenges in one easy download.

Each activity pack includes easy to follow instructions, challenge cards, record sheets and answer keys.


All 150+ challenges use simple supplies like toothpicks, pattern blocks and paper so you can quickly gather what you need without breaking the bank or making late night Target runs.



–> Scientific Method Posters

–> Editable STEM Box Labels and Student Checklist

–> Toothpick Structure Challenge Cards

–> Famous Landmark Challenge Cards

–> Weight Measurement Challenges

–> Linear Measurement Challenges

–> Pattern Block Challenges

–> Geoboard Challenges

–> Computer Coding Challenge Cards

–> Cookie Structure Challenges

–> Marshmallow Boat Challenges

–> Straw Challenges

–> Craft Stick Puzzles

–> Paper Challenges

–> Molecules and Atoms

–> 4 Season Building Cards

–> Telling Time Challenges

–> Christmas STEM Challenges

–> Winter STEM Challenge

–> Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges

–> St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges

–> Easter STEM Challenges

–> Spring STEM Challenges

–> Back to School STEM Challenges

–> Apple STEM Challenges

–> Farm STEM Challenges

–> Fall STEM Challenges

–> Holidays Around the World Challenges

–> Snow STEM Challenges

–> Rainbow STEM Challenges

–> Earth Day STEM Challenges

–> Building Block STEM Challenges

–> Alphabet Geoboard Challenges

–> Math Geoboard Challenges

–> Symmetry Mats

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

These 23 Christmas activities will make even the Grinch smile! The festive math and literacy centers include alphabet games, counting activities, pattern and shape practice… so much learning in one download.

The set is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten!




–> Rhyming Clip Cards. Clip the word that rhymes!

–> Alphabet Christmas Lights. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

–> Letter Sound Puzzles. Solve playful puzzles by matching letters to words that start with them.

–> Alphabet Clip Strips. An awesome way to practice upper and lowercase pairs.

–> ABC Trees. Roll the alphabet die and color the matching ornament. So fun for letter recognition!

–> Christmas Themed Handwriting Activity Sheets (in Print and D’Nealian). Strengthen letter formation and fine motor skills.

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Maze. Race to Santa’s workshop and read sight words along the way.

–> Christmas Bingo (Class Set). Play a fun round of Bingo as you practice reading Christmas themed words.

–> North Pole Little Reader Book. Practice pointing underneath each word, using picture clues and more.

–> 5 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


–> Christmas Counting Clip Cards. A fun counting, number recognition and fine motor activity in one.

–> Counting Mats. Reinforce counting from 1 to 10 and ten frames.

–> 1-20 Ten Frame Dab. Read the number and then fill your ten frame with that many dots.

–> Color by Ten Frame. Work on instantly recognizing the numbers 1 to 20.

–> Spin to 20 Game. Race to reach 20 as you practice adding on.

–> This or That. Compare two numbers and color the one that’s largest.

–> Roll to 30 Sheet. Practice number recognition and adding on as you race to 30.

–> Making 10 Challenge Cards and Review Sheet. How many more do you need to make 10?

–> Cut and Paste. Solve AB, ABB and ABC patterns.

–> Candy Cane Patterns. How many different patterns can you create?

–> Reindeer Spin and Graph Shapes. Flick the spinner, name the shape and graph it. What shape reaches the top first?

–> Christmas Tree Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mat. Race to cover the pattern block mat and practice number recognition and adding along the way.


NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.