Gumdrop STEM Structures

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Grab a box of toothpicks and a bag of gumdrops for some hands-on and festive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) structures!

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Getting Ready

To prep the STEM structure activity, I printed the challenge cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and laminated them for easy reuse. Then I cut along the thin grey lines to separate the pieces.

I grabbed a Vis-a-vis marker, a box of toothpicks and a bag of gumdrops.

That’s it! We were ready to jump in and start building.

Gumdrop STEM Structures

I included two levels of difficulty in the STEM pack – a batch of 2-dimensional shapes for newer builders and a set of 3-dimensional cards for kids who were ready for a challenge.

To start, I gave my son the 2D cards so he could review the characteristics of each one.

He grabbed one at a time, built it, and then counted the number of sides and vertices (corners) it had.

The next day, he was eager for a challenge so I pulled out the second set of 3-dimensional cards. He used the picture as a clue to figure out how to build each shape.

There was plenty of trial and error but, after a few minutes, he finished the project and proudly counted the number of edges and vertices.

The toothpick challenge cards were such a simple way to add some Christmas-themed STEM learning to our day.

And I’m excited to swap out the gumdrops for jelly beans this spring!

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