Cookie Jar Adding 10 Cards

Adding 10 is an important part of learning place value but many kids don’t understand it until they sit down and work with the numbers.

These cookie jar cards are the perfect way to illustrate how easy it is to work with 10s. Simply add the numbers together, write the number sentence, and follow the pattern!

Getting Ready

We started by printing the cards (below) on card stock and laminating them so they would be durable and reusable.

Then we grabbed our dry erase markers! I’ve found my kids will do a lot more math when they get to use fun markers.

The Activity

I really wanted my kids to see the +10 patterns for themselves so I didn’t try to coach them beforehand. I just handed out the cards and told them to work on adding the cookies in the jars.

It didn’t take long for them to notice that there were 10 cookies in the jars on the left every single time.

After my kids had gone through a few cards, they started to talk about how the ones place in the sum was always the same as the number of cookies in the 2nd cookie jar. And the tens place was always one.

I explained that the one in the tens place meant “one ten”. We were adding ONE jar filled with TEN cookies.

The pattern was easy for them to see once we were only working on adding 10 and nothing else.

I found it also helped to write it all down on one sheet of paper so I included a recording sheet in the download below.

My children drew the missing cookies and wrote the resulting equation.

It didn’t take much to see the pattern and realize how easy adding with tens could be!

Grab Your Set

Jump in and start adding to 10 with our playful set of cookie write and wipe cards! Then hop over and snag our color by code sheets and ice cream match up too!

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