We’re all born as scientists. Right away, we see kids experimenting in every surrounding all day long. Whether they’re throwing oatmeal on the ground, noodles at the wall, blowing bubbles in the bathtub, building forts or stacking blocks, kids experiment. 

Give your students the extra, mind-blowing and hands-on science experiments in the classroom using stuff that everyone probably has lying around their homes! 

These simple science experiments are sure to WOW all your budding scientists in your classroom every year! Whether you’re prepping for a fifth-grade science fair or want something fun to do with preschoolers, these cool science experiments for kids are super easy and a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Science experiments are a sure way to continue to foster your students’ love for STEM so start scrolling below and begin plotting out what your little scientists will do next. 

If you want some extra help setting up powerful STEM centers that your students will BEG to repeat, take our 5-Day STEM Challenge!

 30 Science Experiments

 3 Insanely Cool Egg Experiments

→ 10 Peep Experiments

→ 20 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

→ 20 Science Fair Projects

→ 21 Cool Candy Experiments

→ Blowing Up a Balloon with Yeast

→ Dancing Conversation Hearts

→ Exploding Baggie

 Growing a Crystal Tree

→ Magic Balloons Experiment

→ My Little Sprout House

→ Sunscreen Science Experiment

 Walking Water Rainbow

 Water Cycle in a Bag

→ Bicolor Flowers

→ Color Changing Flowers

→ Growing Germs

 Sprout House 

→ Why Frogs Don’t Freeze

 Why Leaves Change Color

→ Worm Bin in a Bucket

 Baking Soda Magic 

→ Bouncing Balls

 Crystal Butterflies

→ Crystal Heart

 Crystal Names

 Dancing Frankenworms

→ Egg Rockets

 Expanding Ivory Soap 

 Exploding Pop Rockets

→ Glowing Bouncing Egg

 Glow in-the-Dark Halloween Crystals

→ Inflating Conversation Hearts

 LEGO Volcano

→ Leprechaun Toothpaste

 Magic Milk Fireworks

 Minty Fizzing Snowballs

 Minty Reindeer Toothpaste

 Butter in a Jar

 Candy Chromatography Experiment

 Dancing Cranberries

 Disappearing Candy Cane Stripes

 Growing Gummy Bear Science

 How Yeast Works

 Ice Cream in a Bag

 Magic Pumpkin

 Magic Rainbow Milk

 Mint Fireworks

 Peep Slime

 Pumpkin Volcano

 Racing Pepper Science Experiment

 Skittle Rainbow Science Experiment

 Will it Melt? Candy Science Experiment

→ Sweet and Sour Science Experiment

 Frozen Science Experiments

 Ice Color Mixing

 Hot Ice Experiment

 Oil and Ice Density Experiment 

 Sticky Ice Experiment

 Balloon In a Bottle Experiment

 DIY Lava Lamp

 Glowing Magic Potion

 Layered Love Potion

 Oil and Watercolor

 Rainbow Jar

 Walking on Eggs

 Tea Bag Ghosts

 Clay Boat Science Experiment

 Cloud in a Jar

 Diving Squid

 Leak Proof Bag Experiment 

 How Many Drops?

 Magic Rainbow Toothpick Star Experiment

 Orange Buoyancy Science Experiment

 Rain Cloud in a Jar

 Sink or Float?

 Tornado in a Jar

 Walking Water Rainbow

 Water Cycle in a Bag