Holidays are such an exciting time for kids and when you’re able to bring hands-on, fun activities into the classroom you can amplify their joy! We’ve compiled a list of many easy-to-set-up centers to celebrate throughout the entire year with your PreK, Kindergarten and first grade students. Whether you’re looking for centers to be completed by small groups or independently, you’ll find many resources that are the perfect addition to your lesson plans! 

Here are some of our year-round, hands-on resources that are guaranteed to take your holiday cheer to the next level inside your classroom! 

Scroll below and begin building your holiday center library with activities that kids LOVE! 

 Holidays Around the World

 18 EDITABLE Holiday Sight Words Games

 20 Must-Try New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

 New Year’s Eve Bingo

 New Year’s Eve Countdown Coloring Sheet

→ Martin Luther King Jr. Banners

→ Editable 100th Day of School Activity Pack

→ Hundred Chart Apple Addition

→ 15 Brilliant Ways to Use a Hundred Chart 

→ Number Sense Mystery Puzzles

 Groundhog Day Activities 

 Gumball Number Mats

 Gumball Write and Wipe Addition Cards

 Chinese New Year Centers

 Holidays Around the World

→ 20 Valentine’s Day Activities 

 Agamograph Valentines

 Candy Heart Estimation Station

→ Conversation Heart Catapults

→ Conversation Heart Measurement

→ Conversation Heart Patters

 Crystal Heart Science Experiment 

→ Mobius Strip Hearts

 Valentine Box STEAM Challenge

→ Valentine Math Fact Match

→ Valentine Number Order

→ Valentine Pattern Block Mats

 Valentine Ten Frames

→ Valentine’s Day STEAM for Kids

 Valentine STEM

→ Valentine’s Number Puzzles – Numbers to 100

→ Valentine’s Odd and Even Sort

→ Will it Sink or Float?

→ Exploding Pop Rockets 

→ Mint Fireworks – Kids’ Science

→ Magic Milk Fireworks Experiment 

 Basketball Swoosh – EDITABLE 15 Word Work Board Game 

 13 St. Patrick’s Day activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten

 Leprechaun Count and Match 

→ Leprechaun Toothpaste

 Pot of Gold Base Ten Blocks

 Pot of Gold Count and Clip Cards

→ Shamrock Addition Game

 St. Patrick’s Day Number Puzzles

 St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities 

→ 16 Rainbow & Unicorn Centers

 Magic Rainbow Toothpick Star

 Rainbow Addition Mat

→ Rainbow STEM Challenge

→ Rainbow STEM Challenges

 Rainbow to 10

 Roll a Rainbow 

→ Teen Number Rainbow Match 

→ Ten Frames Rainbow Match 

 Walking Water Rainbow – Kids’ Science 

 Bunny Spin and Subtract Game

 Easter Egg Rockets

 Easter Egg STEM Challenges

 Glowing Bouncy Egg Experiment

 Jellybean Addition Sort Game

 PEEPs Homemade Slime Recipe

 STEM Jellybean Structures

 Easter STEM Activities

 Telling Time Match Up

→ Earth Day Centers

 Earth Day STEM

→ Landform Activity Pack

→ End of Year Awards

→ End of the Year Bingo

 End of Year Centers

 Kid-Made Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Will Love

→ Exploding Pop Rockets 

→ Mint Fireworks – Kids’ Science

→ Magic Milk Fireworks Experiment 

 20 Awesome Gifts Kids Can Make

→ Fourth of July Addition Activity 

 American Flag Counting Game

→ American Themed Activities for Kids

→ Exploding Pop Rockets 

→ Mint Fireworks – Kids’ Science

→ Magic Milk Fireworks Experiment 

→ Back to School Addition Clip Cards

→ Back to Back to School Ten Frames

→ Back to School Activities

→ Back to School STEM

 Bat Activities

 Fall STEM Challenges

 Fall Crow Counting Math Center

 Fall LEGO Challenge Cards

 Fall Ten Frame

 Fall Number Puzzles

 Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

 Veterans Day Bustle – 18 Editable Holiday Sight Word Board Games

 Veteran’s Day Activity Sheets

 16 Thanksgiving Centers

 Thanksgiving Money Activity

→ Christmas STEM

 Christmas Teen Number Puzzles

→ Christmas Time Clip Cards

 Christmas Tree Geoboard

→ Christmas Magic – 5 Minute Science

→ Cocoa Ten Frames

 Elf Secret Message Decoder

→ Holiday Number Tree Puzzles

 Gingerbread Ten Frames

→ Gingerbread Playdough Mats

 Gingerbread Pattern Cards

→ Gingerbread Centers

→ Gumdrop Count and Clip Cards

 Gumdrop STEM Structures

→ Marshmallow Numbers 1-10

→ Reindeer Number Sequencing

→ Hanukkah Centers 

→ Holidays Around the World

 Kwanza Centers

→ Holidays Around the World